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If you are a Private Equity Group (PEG) looking to invest in businesses valued between $1-25 million, make a commitment to participate in The M&A Source Dealmakers Expo. The M&A Source Expo attracts over 150 experienced merger and acquisition professionals who are eager to discuss business opportunities with you.

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Terms that are applied within the Lower Middle Market to facilitate the transfer of business interests may not be familiar to non-M&A practitioners.

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Are you looking for an intermediary to handle the acquisition or sale of a business in the middle market? Search our member directory to find the experienced and qualified intermediary that is right for you.

Member Directory

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To search for middle market opportunities posted by the members of the M&A Source, click here.

Market Pulse Report

The M&A Source and IBBA, along with Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project publish a quarterly report on the current business brokerage environment. Intermediaries are asked to complete a survey, answering questions about recent closings and what is in the pipeline, and the information is compiled into a report that allows intermediaries to keep a finger on the pulse of the marketplace.

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The Bridge, M&A Source’s monthly newsletter, publishes timely articles on a variety of topics. Past Bridge articles can be found by topic below on this page.

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By Charles Milam, CBI, M&AMI Improve the return-on-investment for your marketing campaigns Every business will eventually change ownership and the decision to sell a company [...]

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