Fellow of the M&A Source

Fellowship is a lifetime award that is one of the highest honors bestowed by the M&A Source. The Fellow Award recognizes and honors M&A Source members who have made sustained and significant contributions to the Association.

The key words for this award are “sustained and significant.” The Fellowship is awarded to members who distinguished themselves sufficiently to warrant prestigious recognition.

The criteria for consideration are membership in the M&A Source for 10 consecutive years or longer and made significant contributions to the Association. Candidates must also be an M&AMI (Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary) in good standing or served at least one full term as Chairperson of the M&A Source.

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Significant contributions to the Association are defined as any two (2) of the following:

  • Service of at least one three-year term on the Board of Directors
  • Service of at least one full year as a Committee Chairperson (as defined by the Board of Directors)
  • Service as a Chairperson of a Task Force (as defined by the Board of Directors)
  • Presenter of at least two (2) M&A Source conference workshops/panel discussions
  • Instructor of at least two (2) M&A Source educational courses
  • Lead Subject Matter Expert (LSME) in writing an M&A Source educational course
  • Completion of the 2nd M&AMI recertification period, or is in at least the 7th year of being an M&AMI.

M&A Source members who meet the above criteria should contact M&A Source headquarters for consideration for the Fellow of the M&A Source Award.

 Mike Adhikari Rob Firestone  Dora Lanza Edward Telling
 Jim Afinowich  Darrell Fouts  George Lanza  Louis Vescio
 Sara Burden  Dolliver Frederick  Walter Lipski  Chet Walden
 Michael Camerota  Robert Gurrola  Joe Lindsey  Thomas Whipple
 Greg Carpenter  Dan Hall  William Loftis  Phillip Wilhite
 Keith Chapman  Kenneth Hoganson  Patricia McDonald  Bob Wyatt
 Ronald Chernak  Fred Jager  Gary Papay  Steve Wain
 Kevin Dempsey  John Johnson  George Petrulis  Fred Zirkle
 Taylor Devine  Len Krick  David Ryan  Ron Johnson

Darrell Fouts Award

The M&A Source was founded by Darrell Fouts in 1992 under the guidance of Tom West, founder of the IBBA. Previous to the creation of the association, Darrell taught IBBA classes to help Main Street brokers transition to larger transactions. The M&A Source was founded from $500 donations from 60 IBBA members. The M&A Source established an award in his name in 2001, in recognition and appreciation of the selfless vision and leadership he generously gave to the profession.The Darrell Fouts Award is the most prestigious award given to the M&A Source member who has made outstanding contributions to the association. Those who are considered for this award have displayed visionary leadership or exceptional contributions resulting in a distinct benefit to the M&A Source members, uplifting and expanding the vision of the M&A Source and/or the M&A profession.

2001 Darrell Fouts
2002 Ed Telling
2003 John Johnson
2004 Robert Gurrola
2005 Dolliver Frederick
2006 Walter Lipski
2007 George Petrulis
2008 Rob Firestone
2008 Fred Jager
2009 Tom Whipple
2010 Ron Chernak
2012 A.T. “Fred” Zirkle
2012 Robert Groag
2013 George Lanza
2013 Chet Walden
2014 Erik Maurer
2015 David Ryan
2016 Gary Papay

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Past Chairs

1992 Darrell Fouts
1993 Frank Beane
1994-1995 Edward Telling, Jr.
1996 Kenneth Hoganson, Jr.
1997 Ronald Chernak
1998 A.T. “Fred” Zirkle
1999 David Ryan
2000 Mike Hannon and Robert Gurrola
2001 Robert Gurrola
2002 John Johnson
2003 Fred Jager
2005 Walter Lipski
2006 George Petrulis
2007 Rob Firestone
2008 Tom Whipple
2009 Dan Hall
2010 George Lanza
2011 Taylor Devine
2012 Chet Walden
2013 Kevin Dempsey
2014 Dora Lanza
2015 & 2016 Joe Lindsey
2017 John Howe
2018 Mike Camerota