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Edward Telling, Jr.
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Edward Telling, Jr.

M&A Source Chairman, 1994 & 1995

As I reflect upon the past, I was chosen to follow Darrell Fouts, the founder of the M&A Source, and Frank Beane on the third and fourth years of leadership. The Source in those early years was smaller so we wanted to grow.  It had no organization or staff so we recruited talent to run various operational areas and we put on a show twice a year with monthly updates to keep the excitement growing.  It was fun, challenging and real work.

We grew from under fifty to over 125 members using the tiding sum of $500 dues to fund our great work (or at least we thought so at the time as we were on a mission) which we spent trying to set up an ongoing operational framework. Some of the original group leaders, like Darrell, Ron Nash and Richard Francis, have now passed on.  Others, like Ron Chernak and John Johnson, are still with us and still serving the industry.  It should be mentioned that I have sat on the sidelines for years while others did the work.

Our team’s #1 pride is that the M&A Source continues to advance.  My personal dream was that  the M&A Source would provide the BIG Tent for all industry players in our sector- even if it was only a once a year joint symposium, but that never happened.  Maybe it should.  Maybe the industry would be better off.  Maybe it is a challenge to be taken up by a younger, smarter team!  

I want to thank Tom and Barbara West for their help and consultation in those unchartered waters.  Without them we would surely not have achieved as much.  The M&A Source leadership saw what should be done, then attempted to do it within our resources of both money and talent. The credit should not go to me, but to M&A Source group leadership, plus Darrell, Frank, Tom and Barbara.

In spirit, we wish those who lead today and in the future- clear skies with eyes on the horizon.

Thanks to all

Ed Telling Jr.

TellingGroup, Ltd.