The M&A Source offers strategic education & content to elevate business intermediaries to better serve their clients. Our goal is to ensure all intermediaries know and work toward best practices in middle market transactions.

Since its founding in 1991, we strive to be “the source” for all those working on mergers & acquisitions transactions, including CPAs, attorneys, investment bankers, business sellers, and others.

This international organization currently has more than 420 members.

The goals of the M&A Source are:

  • To advance the members’ deal making opportunities
  • To advance the profession’s practice standards by providing a wide array of programs
  • To advance each member’s personal growth potential through a variety of forums whereby members exchange information and learn from one another

In addition, there are specific professional duties outlined for M&A Source members. They include:

  • Represent clients in accomplishing the sale of all or part of their businesses
  • Represent clients searching to acquire companies, divisions or product lines
  • Advise clients on the current values, structures, strategies and methods for ownership transfers of middle market companies
  • Facilitate the array of financing necessary to consummate the transaction
  • Preserve client confidentiality and transaction details