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7:00 am - 5:00 pm Conference Registration
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When marketing lower middle market companies, many firms employ a controlled auction aka a “structured process” in order to place prospective buyers in competition with one another to maximize the price paid for the business.  The panel of experience intermediaries will discuss why and how they employ such a process and will further discuss successes and failures they have experienced as a result.  A representative of the private equity community will discuss the process from its perspective.


Michael W. Camerota, J.D. M&AMI


Dave Wimer

Phil King

Lamar Stanley


John Howe


Jim Afinowich
Scott Bushkie
Bill Welch

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was signed into law on December 22, 2017. It represents the most significant overhaul of our tax laws in over 30 years. The act contains substantial changes to the taxation of businesses, individuals, tax-exempt organizations, and others. Initially, the package was aimed at simplification, but the changes enacted are anything but simple.

The hallmark of the new legislation is the reduction in the maximum corporate tax rate and the reduction in the maximum tax rate imposed on owners of pass-through entities, such as partnerships and S corporations, with respect to qualified business income.  The new law will have a profound impact on tax planning for corporations, partnerships, sole-proprietorships, and their respective owners.

This workshop will cover the details of the biggest U.S. tax legislation changes since 1986 and how these changes will affect business tax planning and business transactions.


Monty Walker


Greg Carpenter


Michelle Siler Tucker

George Chaconas

Michael Mullen

Andrew Rogerson

 There has been significant growth in the number of active “Search Funds” actively seeking businesses to acquire in the lower middle market.  This panel will explore the origins of this growth (Entrepreneurship through acquisition courses being taught at major business schools) and the differences in the various Search Fund models.  The panel will discuss best practices for an effective and efficient dialogue in working with this type of buyer.


Gary Rogers


Alexander Schneider
Tim Buckman, MBA
Steve Wain


Lee Ballew


Ben Mackay

Michael Arguelles

Chris Godwin




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The M&A Source Dealmakers Expo takes place twice a year at each M&A Source Conference for Professional Development. Designed to connect private equity firms with the M&A Advisors, the Dealmakers Expo is the place to be to make deals happen.

If you are a Private Equity Group (PEG) looking to invest in businesses valued between $1-50 million, make a commitment to participate in the M&A Source Dealmakers Expo. The M&A Source Expo attracts over 200 experienced merger and acquisition professionals who are eager to discuss business opportunities with you. Attendees at the Dealmakers Expo represent the most successful and sophisticated advisors in the lower middle market. The fact that attendees are experienced professionals ensures PEG representatives that their time will not be wasted and they will have ready access to more potential acquisitions in one day than they could hope to ever see in one day in their office. The contacts you make at the Dealmakers Expo will save you time, money and energy because they will be more likely to call you when they have opportunities that meet your criteria because of the personal relationships you develop as a regular attendee at this semi-annual event.

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