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Fall 2017 Workshop Presentations
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Below are the workshop presentations that will be presented at the Fall 2017 Conference. If you would like a hard copy to take notes on during the session, please print before arriving in Las Vegas. You can also download and save the presentations.  

If a presentation is not listed here, presenters did not provide it to staff. 

Fall 2017 Workshop Presentations

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Minority Workshop PDF (1.14 MB) Administration 10/25/2017
Financial Due Diligence Checklist XLSX (29.53 KB) Administration 10/25/2017
2017 Tax Update PDF (2.35 MB) Administration 10/24/2017
Increase Your Odds_Become an Industry Expert_R.pdf PDF (697.57 KB) Administration 10/12/2017
MAS-F17-Financing Options to Close More Deals.pdf PDF (367.64 KB) Administration 10/11/2017
MAS-F17-Critical Decisions in Managing MA Proc.pdf PDF (318.09 KB) Administration 10/11/2017
MAS-F17-Tools-Getting Most from Membership.pdf PDF (265.43 KB) Administration 10/11/2017
MAS-F17-The Importance of Due Diligence.pdf PDF (99.61 KB) Administration 10/11/2017
MAS-F17-Increase Your Odds-Become an Industry .pdf PDF (164.44 KB) Administration 10/11/2017
MAS-F17-Get More Deals One with PEGS.pdf PDF (188.99 KB) Administration 10/11/2017
Deal and Market Data Details (Original File).xlsx XLSX (26.72 KB) Administration 9/18/2017
D&B Hoovers Product Sheet.pdf PDF (1.99 MB) Administration 9/18/2017
2Q17PDU.pdf PDF (633.5 KB) Administration 9/18/2017
Pratt's Stats product spec sheet.pdf PDF (271.45 KB) Administration 9/18/2017
PitchBook_2Q_2017_US_PE_Middle_Market_Report.pdf PDF (5.14 MB) Administration 9/18/2017
PitchBook_2Q_2017_MA_Report_XLS.xlsx XLSX (1.78 MB) Administration 9/18/2017
PitchBook_2Q_2017_MA_Report.pdf PDF (2.49 MB) Administration 9/18/2017
New Database Presentation - Square Screen.pptx PPTX (3.15 MB) Administration 9/18/2017
Deal and Market Data Summary (Original File).xlsx XLSX (17.63 KB) Administration 9/18/2017