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There’s no need to turn away deals based on a company’s imbalanced debt schedule; nor is there any reason to endure the inefficiencies, delays, costs and risks associated with global settlements or 363 sales.

One simple transaction, dealing only with the first position creditor, can eliminate all subordinate debt in a matter of weeks, without interrupting the business operations – resulting in a pristine, salable enterprise.

The Article 9 transaction creates a ‘win’ for all parties involved, including the seller, the buyer, the intermediary and the creditors, which can scale your deal base and streamline transactions to close.

Buyers win because they can enter an ongoing concern at the attractive cost of liquidated asset valuation.

Sellers win through incentives that can create a successful exit, which in turn incentivizes a deal that otherwise would not close.  Sellers also win because the business operation they built is preserved instead of destroyed.

The first position creditor wins by quickly and efficiently recovering maximum value on their collateral.

Subordinate creditors win by more efficiently discharging toxic debt, while preserving the possibility of future business with the new entity.

Intermediaries win by transacting on businesses they could not otherwise sell, by creating attractive entry points in buy-side representation, and by avoiding all previous methods of dealing with subordinate debt.

Learn how to turn distressed targets into pristine entities quickly and without friction – to turn a bad deal into a great situation.

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