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The Importance of Business Valuation

The Importance of Business Valuation   Business owners spend considerable time and energy trying to enhance company value by developing growth plans with well-defined goals.  These plans are designed to maximize value over time, but it’s hard to achieve those goals without knowing where to begin. Not only do owners need to understand what their business is worth today, they also need to know what supports and drives that value.   Far too often, owner overconfidence or apathy causes this step to either be neglected or downplayed, or at a minimum, based on incomplete data or conjecture.  In this case, a valuation [...]

Avoid Leaving Money on the Table- Key Steps to Simplify M&A Working Capital

Avoid Leaving Money on the Table Key Steps to Simplify M&A Working Capital Bryan Graiff, Transaction Advisory Partner, Brown Smith Wallace Dan Schoenleber Transaction Advisory Principal, Brown Smith Wallace Working capital is one of the most complex areas of transactions. Other than a rep and warranty claim, it tends to be one of the most contentious post-closing disputes that often requires litigation, or the threat of litigation, to resolve. While working capital is simple to define – current assets less current liabilities – problems can arise from lack of experience. Without proper working capital procedures in a transaction, either side could [...]

Trust Advisory Committees for Succession Planning

Takeaway: A trust advisory committee provides ongoing support, guidance and education for trustees and beneficiaries. It is very common for family enterprises to have a family trust in place. On a very basic level, someone (the settlor) transfers assets to the trustee (often one or both parents) to hold legal title to the trust’s assets for the benefit of another — the beneficiary (often the rising generation and maybe the parents). The legal relationship among the settlor, trustee and beneficiary is set out in the trust deed. Stated this way, trusts sound deceptively simple, yet they are largely misunderstood and rife with challenges, complexities, [...]

Is Your Business Ready to Sell?

Is Your Business Ready to Sell? By Sam Thompson Selling your business will probably be the most challenging undertaking that you, as a business owner, experience. Most likely, your business is the largest financial asset you have, so make sure that you put ample time and energy into selling your "baby." I owned a hospitality business for 29 years and I can tell you that selling my business was much more difficult than starting it. Ideally, you want to allow at least two years in preparation to sell your business. Strive for the business to operate without you. Make certain that [...]

Is It Time to Sell Your Manufacturing Company?

Is It Time to Sell Your Manufacturing Company? By: Heather Madland Deciding when or even if to sell—or to take on a non-control equity partner—can be a difficult decision if you’ve spent considerable time and effort building your company, are a second-generation family member carrying on the family legacy, or are part of a management team enjoying a growth period. But owners of mid-sized manufacturing firms who want to sell all or part of their company in the next few years should consider speeding up the process while economic conditions remain favorable. A particularly ripe selling climate may only exist for [...]

How to Increase the Value of Your Business – Even If You’re Not Selling

Takeaway: Increasing the value of your business is never a bad idea. Learn some key tips that will keep you growing the value until you're ready to sell. After many years of working closely with mid-market businesses providing valuation, divestiture and acquisition services, I have seen that many otherwise well-run companies are extremely disappointed when it's time to sell because they either don't receive the valuation they expect or, even worse, they don't get any any offers at all. With an aging baby boomer population, more businesses than ever will be looking for an exit. Buyers will have their pick of the litter, so to speak. [...]

Presentations: New Skills for a Seasoned Deal Dog

Presentations: New Skills for a Seasoned Deal Dog   A Priceless Self-Development Course Filled with Insights & Fun   Sometimes I joke that I measure my work as a Dealmaker in dog years. And like most, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Admittedly, I’m captivated by the allure of accomplishing something complex and challenging. Each transaction journey provides me an opportunity for learning something new. Periodically though, this Deal Dog needs to step out of the race and into a classroom to sharpen his skills.   As I crunched my reading material for the weekend course, I wasn’t sure what [...]

Press Release: Largest Gathering of M&A Dealmakers, Private Equity and Search Funds convene November 4th-7th in Charlotte, NC

The Press Release below was written by Kevin Dempsey to be shared by M&A Source members Largest Gathering of M&A Dealmakers, Private Equity and Search Funds convene November 4th-7th in Charlotte, NC The M&A Source Fall 2018 Educational Conference and Expo is a Dealmakers Resource, not to be missed!   Over 200 M&A professionals, intermediaries, Private Equity Groups and Search Fund attendees are expected to meet for four days of deal-making and education November 4th -7th. The Sheraton downtown hotel in Charlotte, NC is a perfect host setting for M&A professionals involved in the deal-making process, including transaction attorneys, CPA’s, financial [...]

M&A Source and IBBA Database Merger

 The new IBBA and M&A Source joint database is live. When you have a moment, please go to www.IBBA-MAS.org and check it out. You will now be able to manage your IBBA and M&A Source memberships in one place with one renewal process. Once you are logged in you will have access to M&A Source Member Only content under the "Resources" tab on the top menu. If you are an IBBA and M&A Source Joint Member please login with your IBBA credentials to access both your IBBA and M&A Source benefits! For M&A Source Only Members you will need to update [...]

A 12-Point Checklist for Strategic Acquisition Readiness

By David Wimer, CBI, M&AMI, CEPA, Senior Vice President Takeaway: Preparation is key for executing a winning strategy. There’s a saying among high performance athletes, “First you make your habits, then your habits make you.” In the axiom above, one could replace the word ‘habits’ with ‘plans’ for strategic business growth. The point is to not overlook the value of client preparation. When a client desires to grow their business through acquisition, our duty as their M&A Advisor is to assess how ready they may be for the process.  Executing acquisition ‘plans’ to achieve significant growth and financial returns requires discipline. Here are a dozen areas for assessing [...]